Nicole Yao ( Nii ) discovered her love for drawing and painting during her early grade school life after she was introduced to the wonderful world of Anime ( it was love at first sight, or so she claims… )

She studied high school in Immaculate Conception Academy and accomplished a degree in AB-Production design in De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde. During this time she has produced more than fifteen original works in both traditional and digital media.

She enjoys reading, drawing, painting, playing Clash of Clans and occasionally writing.

(Jello: “Is…is this from a yearbook?”}

^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^Jello’s Notes-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^

Haha. Hahahahaha. HAHAHAHAHAHAH–Ok, I’ll stop now.

I met Nii when I was crushing on one of her lady friends (yeah, that did not end well). For some reason we’ve been close…probably because we’re both nice. ;d

When I transferred to DLS-CSB, we were bound by fate to be classmates in Philosophy (one of her last classes before graduation) and that’s when I officially met my technically-official artist for the Panda Pile blog 😀

She’s the one who made my Kim Jong Un pin (as well as a missile to go with my cosplay), aside from the fact that she’s the one making the technically-official art here.

I hope to see more of her work soon~ :3


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