Jello Who?


I’m Jello, the guy who runs this blog.

In most online communities, you’d know me as Hiphoppy11

And I guess in some games, you’d see me as Johnny Honomaki (though I rarely play online so nevermind).

I like to play games!

I own a 3DS named Tradis and a PS Vita which I named Cristina Veeta (after one of my favorite voice actresses)

I like to watch anime on my laptop named AViCO (I name my devices, that’s it).

I cosplayed once...make that twice.

I live in the Philippines, and am still a student. So, if I’m not updating this blog, I am most likely busy with school (or I’m just watching anime or playing games).


Me and Maki ❤

If you guys want to contact me:


You can tell me anything…recommend an anime, a video game, any hobby. Just try to keep it PG-16-y.

Have fun! ;3

Click here for the stuff I posted!


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