Jello’s Maki Shrine 2016!!!


Before anything else…if you wanna see the previous versions of the Maki Shrine I set up last year, click the following links:
Or just go to The Shrine category lol

Maki’s birthday just ended, and I was so busy during the few days before her special day that I was late with doing a few things…here, lemme show you, and at the same time, show off my deeds in the name of my one true idol waifu to commemorate the day she came to be!

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Jello’s Birthday: It’s Another Maki Shrine Special!!!

Guess what I'm gonna write about... :3

Guess what I’m gonna write about… :3


Ah, this is late. But, technically speaking, it’s still July 9 in America…so, let’s say I’m not. ;d

July 9 is my birthday, and in case you all still don’t know, I’m Jello, the guy who made Panda Pile :3

I was gonna post this earlier but…I was busy giving my thanks to those who greeted me on Facebook and I went out to watch Minions with a friend and ate ramen for dinner…not to mention some alone time with the waifu, Maki.

Which reminds me…that’s what this is about…another post about the Maki Shrine…because I can! xD

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY! The Maki Shrine Special

April 19. It’s Maki’s birthday!

I don’t really know how to start this…so, here’s a little story of how Maki became mai waifu.

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SEGA and Wave: Pre-Birthday Maki Special!

Hello, readers~

Kinda rushing things here, so just a few words.

Earlier, you may have seen Amonoff’s posts. Expect more people coming to post other things! 😀

Anyways, tomorrow is mai waifu’s birthday! So I figured I do something special dedicated to her.

Now…since I’m pretty busy with tomorrow’s preparations, here’s something quick!

Yesterday, I got new figures from Onegai Onii-Chan…here they are~


YEAH~ New Maki figures~ ❤

On the left is the SEGA premium prize figure of Maki in her Sore Wa Bokutachi no Kiseki attire, while the one on the right is Wave Corporation’s Beach Queen Maki.

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The Shrine: FuRyu Chobirume Maki Nishikino Prize Figure and Love Live Victory Flag


This would have made a better sneak peek on my last post 😛

Hello and WELCOME TO THE PILE! (This is gonna be my blog’s catchphrase from now on ;D ) This time, I will feature two new things I just acquired.


Something small and something big.

First is the Love Live Victory Flag, which is something that I’ve been waiting a month for and it finally arrived, and the next one is another prize figure of mai waifu, Maki. ❤

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