Jello’s Maki Shrine 2016!!!


Before anything else…if you wanna see the previous versions of the Maki Shrine I set up last year, click the following links:
Or just go to The Shrine category lol

Maki’s birthday just ended, and I was so busy during the few days before her special day that I was late with doing a few things…here, lemme show you, and at the same time, show off my deeds in the name of my one true idol waifu to commemorate the day she came to be!

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μ’s Final Love Live(stream!) in PH :D


I had about 10 stories I wanted to talk about but was busy with other things (and my hobbies) so maybe some other time 😛

Instead, here’s some news about my fandom!



After 5 years, it seems by the end of March, it’s gonna be the supposed last concert for the seiyuus of μ’s (as a group). The concert named “μ’s Final LoveLive!~μ’sic Forever~” will be taking place on March 31-April 1 at the Tokyo Dome in Japan, and selected theaters from around the world will also be able to be part of the event via live streaming.

Last week, March 10, PH fans have discovered in the Official Love Live Website that the Final Love Live concert will also be available for viewing via livestream in the SM Megamall cinema. The stream will be during day 1 of the concert, March 31~ 😀



While it wasn’t finalized at the time, the event has been confirmed a week after and is yet to have announcements regarding ticket-selling and event merchandise.

As we wait, us who are available on that date better prepare our lightsticks and chants. ;d

For further announcements, you better wait for it in Love Live PH or SM Cinemas.


Keep the dreams alive!



Crunchy Roll

AnimePilipinas: 1 2





I have been stuck, dear readers.

Not just with writers’ block but with other ways of life that got in the way from me writing anything for this blog.

One of them includes managing storage space!

Just look at it!

….ok, I was just also sort of  showing off. ;d

Though I really am running out of storage space (if I didn’t have a roommate it’d probably be easier to manage but no). I’m thinking of sending some of them back to my home in the province, but I dunno what will happen to it without my supervision o_o’

Hmmm…well, anyways, I have been meaning to write here since after Cosplay Mania 2015 and express my gratitude and love to the community, but I was also preoccupied with new games, crying over thee Love Live movie, and piling homework, and I was at a loss on where to begin. I’m glad I got to write today though.


Next time I post something I’ll make sure it’s not me talking about why I’m not posting again.


While most of us may not be active in sharing the things we see (and confirm as legit news) and have in this blog, I do what I can to share my hobby stuff and other hobby things on the following social media:


Facebook (Like the Panda Pile page! 😀 )

My Instagram: @hiphoppy11 (you can also follow my twitter…optional ;d)


Ok, that’s it for now…I leave you with my picture where I cosplayed Kim Jong Un…again!

Click the pic :P

Click the pic and see my World of Cosplay account 😛


August 19 UPDATE!!!

I am terribly sorry, guys. I meant to post these past few weeks, but I underestimated my finals…and my severe laziness……and…….well, let’s just continue ;d


>Thanks for giving me more Nintendo news, Amonoff…I’m interested in buying that N3DS you’re selling, by the way… :3

>Blue Hour’s back from the states! He told y’all that he was going there, right? He’s got lots to talk about relating to anime and other hobbies, so stay tuned for that!

>RTorya and I got bored and started playing Phantasy Star Online 2…and it was never the same for me after that. (also partly to blame for me not updating the blog, btw) While he’s busy with law school, I stayed as leader of Team PandaPile and…well, more on that some other time!

With that…expect three new posts by me…by next week! ;3

Here are three picture teasers :3

See you later! There’s a Maki event coming up on LL SIF EN…I must grind for that!!!

Pile to attend Cosplay Mania 2015

“Hello, Philippines! Mabuhay!”

Are you all as giddy as I am right now? :>

Are you all as giddy as I am right now? :>

Amidst rumors, it’s finally officially announced! (Pile in the Pile-ippines, yay~)

Pile, Japanese singer and voice actress, will be attending Cosplay Mania 2015! She will be doing a special performance in the Cosplay Mania Jam.

Cosplay Mania 2015 will be on October 3-4 at the SMX Convention Center in Mall of Asia.

"See you there!"

“See you there!”

You can view her message here! (click!)

Thank you Nihonsei Project and!

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Jello’s Birthday: It’s Another Maki Shrine Special!!!

Guess what I'm gonna write about... :3

Guess what I’m gonna write about… :3


Ah, this is late. But, technically speaking, it’s still July 9 in America…so, let’s say I’m not. ;d

July 9 is my birthday, and in case you all still don’t know, I’m Jello, the guy who made Panda Pile :3

I was gonna post this earlier but…I was busy giving my thanks to those who greeted me on Facebook and I went out to watch Minions with a friend and ate ramen for dinner…not to mention some alone time with the waifu, Maki.

Which reminds me…that’s what this is about…another post about the Maki Shrine…because I can! xD

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July 9-It’s Jello’s birthday (Updates~)

"Blonde Party" made for me by RTorya. Thanks, man~

“Blonde Party”
made for me by RTorya. Thanks, man~

I have been very busy with personal matters (*cough*, friend-related sidequests,*cough*), school(to a degree where I get lazy to do both), video games(the Steam Summer Sales just ended, and I got like 10 games for the price of one! I wanna finish Valkyria Chronicles!) and of course, anime(I have a loooot of catching up to do).

You can always check out my instagram (which can be like previews for my upcoming posts) if you want more from me ;d Anyways…some updates to the page….

I am really really grateful to Amonoff, who updates us with Nintendo-related news whenever she can, and then some (I mean, a new Zero Escape Game is coming out! Did you read that?). E3 just ended, and Mono wrote about the things you’d surely want to see (I WANT FIRE EMBLEM FATES ALREADY! 2016, GET IN HERE!!!)

Also, in case you haven’t read RTorya’s first post which is a beginner’s guide to Gundam Unicorn, check it here~ (I’m gonna watch it because Hiroyuki Sawano made the music ;d)

And 13lueh0ur is in America at the moment, taking a vacation. He left some mellow tunes as well before leaving for a couple of months. He says he’s seen some conventions there, and I can’t wait for him to tell us more about them 😀

Anyways, I’ll post something later…gonna sleep first.


…Oh, God. I’m 22 now.


Ah, look at that.

Ah, look at that.