The Production Line – The Lucid9 Sessions (Finale)

By this point, I just made stuff when I had the inspiration and drive. And when I had the latter, I could finish a track in less than three days. Three minor scenarios: an ordinary day, a mature conversation, and facing opposition. Did them all. Just Another Day, Power Play, and Grown-Ups, respectively. I had another hiatus since I ran out of creative juices. After dealing with work for the last quarter of 2015, I was barely there so they just assumed I left. Partly, I felt very unproductive with them; waiting for the moment for them to break it to me gently.

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The Production Line – The Lucid9 Sessions (Part 4)

Come next assignment, drama ensues, literally. It was a free-for-all for the composers when the devs started posting song jobs on the groups. Each song had a brief description, a song reference from an existing VN, and a corresponding priority tag (if it had to be done ASAP, if it was optional, etc.). Having a flair for the dramatic, I chose a song that had a lot of emotional weight. The reference was a track from The Fruits of Grisaia, if you’re curious. Forgot which track though.

It came out pretty well. Guitars, chimes, strings, piano, synths, the works. It also had more structure than my usual stuff. They loved it! Just some minor gripes with sound, yet again. I had to tweak the frequencies of the guitar and piano to match the other tracks. Struggling to do so, somebody else did it for me. Thank you somebody else!

After I’ve been discharged from the project for justifiable reasons, I knew that my resignation-cum-termination was the closest thing to destiny. So here it is, The Closest Thing to Destiny.


The Production Line – The Lucid9 Sessions (Part 3)

The higher-ups for Lucid9 came out with it by the third assignment. Soundtrack consistency is an important factor. There were many composers before as well as alongside me, and we all had the responsibility of making music for one game; many dwellers under one roof and one rule. The character for this next track was the token genki girl, and that’s what made this one particularly tricky.

Cheery, playful, period. I always found it hard to make happy songs. As grim as it sounds, sad songs or songs in minor chords are easier for me to conceptualize. Not that I live a sad life, but getting a happy song wrong comes off as either too plain or too cheesy. But I’m not one to talk when it’s all part of the job description. Soundtracks may be consistent in form, but should be dynamic in mood.

I tried my best, using an organ with the same playful synths as the last one but with a real drum kit. It’s my definition of ‘ecstatic’ yet it came out slightly bluesy with the chords I used, not to mention the sections alternating between eager and tender. This is when their feedback focused on the synth veering away from the sound they already had. I was offered to either use Fruity Loops or send the MIDI files of ‘Knows It All’ over to another part of the staff who had the right plugins. I spent 9 years with MAGIX so it was pretty sudden for me to start music from scratch by learning another software. So opting to be more practical with my time, I had to learn how to convert an entire instrument layer to a single MIDI file; with some hilarious results along the way. Hey, the lesser of two evils, right? Going back to the messaging board for the project, somebody else already made the happy track.

After I’ve been discharged from the project for reasons, I realized the track suited a school trip better. So here it is, School Trip.


The Production Line – The Lucid9 Sessions (Part 2)

VN tunes are usually short (2-3 minutes tops), unless a key scene needs the added length. The number of songs are also immense, considering the amount of scene moods and variety the writers want. I usually made them full-bodied songs with an average of three minutes in length. They didn’t seem to mind at the time. But it did begin to sink in that something had to be done about my sound come the second assignment.

It was for a mysterious detective-esque character who likes to pry in other people’s business. Besides the character pic, the track had to be playful and cocky while sounding smart. So I started with a random drum machine beat and a mischievous bassline that played along with it. Quirky retro synths and snappy rhythms soon come in with a melody I made with tooltips and tutorials in mind to match the curious and inquiring nature of the character, Shigure.

After I’ve been discharged from the project for reasons, I noticed the song had the flair of a know-it-all. So here it is, Knows It All.


The Production Line – The Lucid9 Sessions (Part 1)

First new segment of the year! The Production Line outlines my thoughts, tidbits, and maybe even some suggestions from you guys regarding my musical material.

Technically, I’ve been making music since 2006. 10th anniversary already?! Back then it was all about me just messing with the software until something sonically comprehensible takes form. I’ll save the specifics of my amateur career for another post. Right now, I’ll be releasing FREE STUFF.

Ever since the Soundcloud release of my Visual Novelty project, there have been a handful of invites to projects. For the majority of 2015, I’ve been working for this visual novel project called Lucid9. Check ‘em out!


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13lueh0ur 20.16: You Can (Not) Blog

*Listening to previous Blue Hour compositions*

Post in the f***ing blog, Luigi!

Ever since the Halloween playlist, I’ve been finding myself losing more time and motivation to post. My job, my game and anime backlog, composer’s block, conventions, Christmas parties; all of them have been keeping me busy. By the time inspiration strikes me to write a draft, I go home inching closer and closer to the bed, because life. The Panda Pile and my Facebook page are slowly getting attention mostly thanks to the Supreme Leader’s guidance. Now I want to own up to it. And that’s why my place in the Pile is here, to meld all my hobbies into a cohesive statement worth sharing.

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side b

two and a half hours past midnight. dropbox upload is taking a while. happy halloween again everyone.


intro. house_of_leaves-POE/haunted.

one. suzanne[featuring:leonard_cohen]-PLAN B/paint it blacker.

two. chainsaw_calligraphy-16BIT/in the death car.

three. climbing_up_the_walls-RADIOHEAD/ok computer.

four. i-SKREAM/midnight request line.

five. electric_candyman[featuring:thom_yorke]-FLYING LOTUS/until the quiet comes.

-intermission- nothing_to_undo-BEARDYMAN/i done a album.

six. an_echo,a_stain-BJORK/vespertine.

seven. spin_spin_sugar-SNEAKER PIMPS/becoming x.

eight. battery_in_your_leg-BLUR/think tank.

nine. lovely_head-GOLDFRAPP/felt mountain.

-transmission- forgive-BURIAL/burial.

ten. make_you_sleep-EMIKA/can’t sleep.

eleven. parenthesis-TRICKY/false idols.

twelve. ventolin-APHEX TWIN/…i care because you do.

13. threads-PORTISHEAD/third.

At the next post, I’ll finally get to anime and album reviews so sit tight and enjoy whatever day it is you read this. Just got back from the cemetery. I’m tired.