Panda Pile…simply put, it’s a hobby blog.

It’s made by Jello…also known as Hiphoppy11.

The name comes from two of his obsessions…Pandas and Pile, who is the voice actress of his Love Live waifu Maki Nishikino. (Ok, not really obsessed with the voice actress but more with the character she voices)

Panda Pile would like to be a blog that can help fellow enthusiasts of Japanese pop culture and videogames, sharing news that interests the staff, and occasionally make reviews on anime they have seen and video games they have played as well as figurines and toys and other collectibles they can get their hands on…and events they can attend too.

Other than that…other hobbies are welcome.

As he is from the Philippines, Jello will do what he can for fellow hobbyists/enthusiasts from his location.

TL;DR, Panda Pile is a Filipino dude (plus some of his friends)’s blog about video games, anime-related stuff, and that’s more or less what you can expect from here.




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