Jello’s Maki Shrine 2016!!!


Before anything else…if you wanna see the previous versions of the Maki Shrine I set up last year, click the following links:
Or just go to The Shrine category lol

Maki’s birthday just ended, and I was so busy during the few days before her special day that I was late with doing a few things…here, lemme show you, and at the same time, show off my deeds in the name of my one true idol waifu to commemorate the day she came to be!

I have decided, since I started just last year, that I will make an annual tradition of making a collage of her pictures (which I plan on re-doing, but more on that later)…

Since some where asking…here are the things I used to make the collage:

  1. 100 wallet-sized pictures (3-4 pesos per picture, wallet-sized…5pesos if you want a bigger size)…you can either print out 100 wallet sized photos or 80 of them + 20 or 10 bigger-sized ones
  2. 2 red cartolinas
  3. Tape
  4. One whole foam board
  5. Double-sided Tape
  6. Scissors
  7. Metal rings
  8. Plastic cover
I...sort of printed too much.

I…sort of printed too much.

Once you have the stuff, you basically just put them all together. You tape in the red cartolina on the foam board and you put in the pictures…you punch a hole on the corners to put in the metal rings for hanging…and you should also cover the whole thing with plastic cover.

It’s kinda tedious strapping a strip of double-sided tape on each picture, but like a jigsaw puzzle, it gets more fun once you put in all the pieces.

Once you’re done, it will look something like this…

With this, your shrine can have the illusion that you have a lot of Makis <3

With this, your shrine can have the illusion that you have a lot of Makis ❤

And that’s one of my Nishikino Birthday traditions.

Next is setting up the shrine dedicated to the One True Idol.

…..I just place Maki everywhere, lol.


Here are some close-ups of the new main altar:

I have recently installed a corkboard in my desk, and I decorated it with a bunch of Maki straps and keychains I bought in various shops and cons.



And whenever I go to sleep, I have these around me to ensure sweet dreams ❤

And then there’s the dinner date ❤

While I’m not really into bringing out my Makimakura outside (PH environment is definitely not the ideal place to stroll around with a dakimakura), I just brought along my nendoroid Maki and went out for cake~ ❤

Red Velvet for the redhead waifu <3

Red Velvet for the redhead waifu ❤

So, that’s basically it…

1) Make a collage
2) Arrange an “altar” for the shrine
3)Go out and have dinner with the waifu (preferably with red cake, and maybe some tomatos somewhere)

How do you celebrate your waifu’s birthday? I’d like to know, haha~


Anyways, regarding my re-doing the collage~
I have given away my first collage to one of my friends in the cosplay/convention community via some random raffle in my FB…and now that I made a second one (this time with plastic wrap), I’m thinking of giving it away again for FREE (shipping negotiable) but only in the Philippines.

Mechanics are simple.

Like my FB page! ( )
Like the Panda Pile page~ ( )
Then share the promo pic~ (which I’ll put on here later.)


That’s all for now. See yah~ >_o


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