The Production Line – The Lucid9 Sessions (Finale)

By this point, I just made stuff when I had the inspiration and drive. And when I had the latter, I could finish a track in less than three days. Three minor scenarios: an ordinary day, a mature conversation, and facing opposition. Did them all. Just Another Day, Power Play, and Grown-Ups, respectively. I had another hiatus since I ran out of creative juices. After dealing with work for the last quarter of 2015, I was barely there so they just assumed I left. Partly, I felt very unproductive with them; waiting for the moment for them to break it to me gently.

After giving them an update on my situation and requests for assignments, they laid it on me. With my variable nature of both production and output, I just had to go.

Finally, I’m free again. But still, it felt a bit disheartening to leave. I wished them luck on the success of their VN. Lessons learned. Deadlines, consistency, lack of gear, and poor general scoring experience are the bane of my production career at that time.

So here I am, making personal projects in the meantime. I’m under a new VN called Chrysanthemum. The devs there are cool with my schedule since they have a lax timeline themselves. No rush, and oh yeah, you’re getting paid. It was at That Night that I slowly realized that I just need to keep at it. The devs gave me the scenario of a couple stargazing while lying down on the grass. Both the devs and I didn’t expect the sound I came up with. I loved what I did and so did they. And I welcome those two words that always kept me going throughout my almost-10 years of music production. Positive reinforcement. Nearly a hundred drafts for only a handful of compliments is more than what I could ever ask for.


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