The Production Line – The Lucid9 Sessions (Part 4)

Come next assignment, drama ensues, literally. It was a free-for-all for the composers when the devs started posting song jobs on the groups. Each song had a brief description, a song reference from an existing VN, and a corresponding priority tag (if it had to be done ASAP, if it was optional, etc.). Having a flair for the dramatic, I chose a song that had a lot of emotional weight. The reference was a track from The Fruits of Grisaia, if you’re curious. Forgot which track though.

It came out pretty well. Guitars, chimes, strings, piano, synths, the works. It also had more structure than my usual stuff. They loved it! Just some minor gripes with sound, yet again. I had to tweak the frequencies of the guitar and piano to match the other tracks. Struggling to do so, somebody else did it for me. Thank you somebody else!

After I’ve been discharged from the project for justifiable reasons, I knew that my resignation-cum-termination was the closest thing to destiny. So here it is, The Closest Thing to Destiny.



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