The Production Line – The Lucid9 Sessions (Part 3)

The higher-ups for Lucid9 came out with it by the third assignment. Soundtrack consistency is an important factor. There were many composers before as well as alongside me, and we all had the responsibility of making music for one game; many dwellers under one roof and one rule. The character for this next track was the token genki girl, and that’s what made this one particularly tricky.

Cheery, playful, period. I always found it hard to make happy songs. As grim as it sounds, sad songs or songs in minor chords are easier for me to conceptualize. Not that I live a sad life, but getting a happy song wrong comes off as either too plain or too cheesy. But I’m not one to talk when it’s all part of the job description. Soundtracks may be consistent in form, but should be dynamic in mood.

I tried my best, using an organ with the same playful synths as the last one but with a real drum kit. It’s my definition of ‘ecstatic’ yet it came out slightly bluesy with the chords I used, not to mention the sections alternating between eager and tender. This is when their feedback focused on the synth veering away from the sound they already had. I was offered to either use Fruity Loops or send the MIDI files of ‘Knows It All’ over to another part of the staff who had the right plugins. I spent 9 years with MAGIX so it was pretty sudden for me to start music from scratch by learning another software. So opting to be more practical with my time, I had to learn how to convert an entire instrument layer to a single MIDI file; with some hilarious results along the way. Hey, the lesser of two evils, right? Going back to the messaging board for the project, somebody else already made the happy track.

After I’ve been discharged from the project for reasons, I realized the track suited a school trip better. So here it is, School Trip.



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