The Production Line – The Lucid9 Sessions (Part 2)

VN tunes are usually short (2-3 minutes tops), unless a key scene needs the added length. The number of songs are also immense, considering the amount of scene moods and variety the writers want. I usually made them full-bodied songs with an average of three minutes in length. They didn’t seem to mind at the time. But it did begin to sink in that something had to be done about my sound come the second assignment.

It was for a mysterious detective-esque character who likes to pry in other people’s business. Besides the character pic, the track had to be playful and cocky while sounding smart. So I started with a random drum machine beat and a mischievous bassline that played along with it. Quirky retro synths and snappy rhythms soon come in with a melody I made with tooltips and tutorials in mind to match the curious and inquiring nature of the character, Shigure.

After I’ve been discharged from the project for reasons, I noticed the song had the flair of a know-it-all. So here it is, Knows It All.



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