The Production Line – The Lucid9 Sessions (Part 1)

First new segment of the year! The Production Line outlines my thoughts, tidbits, and maybe even some suggestions from you guys regarding my musical material.

Technically, I’ve been making music since 2006. 10th anniversary already?! Back then it was all about me just messing with the software until something sonically comprehensible takes form. I’ll save the specifics of my amateur career for another post. Right now, I’ll be releasing FREE STUFF.

Ever since the Soundcloud release of my Visual Novelty project, there have been a handful of invites to projects. For the majority of 2015, I’ve been working for this visual novel project called Lucid9. Check ‘em out!


Really slick and professional work with the artists, writers, programmers, and composers doing their work out of sheer voluntary passion. Despite the intangible payoff, it was my first experience dealing with hobbies and deadlines; something you should learn to live with.

I thought it would be as simple as ‘they give me the scenarios, I give them the mp3s’. For one thing, know what you make. If you’re making scores for a VN, you should’ve at least experienced one first-hand. With time constraints and general indifference to VNs at the time, I based my composing process on existing soundtracks I’d take notice in animes and Japanese instrumental producers and beatmakers. Samurai Champloo’s OST composers and similar artists came to mind. Nujabes, Tsutchie, Michita, and Nomak in particular.

First assignment I had as a field test: music for a shrinking violet-type character, Misaki. I was unsure since I only had a condensed character bio and avatar to work with. I threw a couple of endearing xylophone and chimes with mellow piano and flutes, complete with a violin climax.

They were impressed.

Really? And after thoroughly listening to it, even I was surprised. What was I on? How did I make this? Their character designs are evocative, I will say that.

After I’ve been discharged from the project for reasons, I noticed that track sounded very flashbacky. So here it is, Flashback.


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