13lueh0ur 20.16: You Can (Not) Blog

*Listening to previous Blue Hour compositions*

Post in the f***ing blog, Luigi!

Ever since the Halloween playlist, I’ve been finding myself losing more time and motivation to post. My job, my game and anime backlog, composer’s block, conventions, Christmas parties; all of them have been keeping me busy. By the time inspiration strikes me to write a draft, I go home inching closer and closer to the bed, because life. The Panda Pile and my Facebook page are slowly getting attention mostly thanks to the Supreme Leader’s guidance. Now I want to own up to it. And that’s why my place in the Pile is here, to meld all my hobbies into a cohesive statement worth sharing.

I owe it all to TheWalrusWrangler whose YouTube comment convinced me to just keep at it. And also because ‘Words of Affirmation’ is my top love language.

Previously in 2015:

  1. Personal – flipflopped between countries, adapted to my first year in employment, hung out with a long lost relative beyond Skype
  2. Games – started (and currently enjoying) a visual novel, owned 45 games on steam, participated in Steam market, thanked based god
  3. Anime – went through nearly 50 titles of anime, spruced up MAL (MyAnimeList) page, made 5 reviews, bought 4 nendos, cosplayed)
  4. Music (finished a musical project, worked for 2 visual novels-in-progress, one of which I was discharged from)

Coming up in 2016:

  1. More playlists (a given)
  2. Album reviews (I swear)
  3. Baka to Quest (draft’s almost done)
  4. Events (cons & what-not)
  5. MAL updates (why not?)
  6. Music updates (still figuring this out)
  7. AMVs (maybe…)
  8. Games (we’ll see)

I may not be the daily deal, but a new year’s resolution calls for more frequent content.

I’ll end this with a bunch of links.






P.S. I haven’t watched Eva.

P.P.S. I will, at some point.


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