I have been stuck, dear readers.

Not just with writers’ block but with other ways of life that got in the way from me writing anything for this blog.

One of them includes managing storage space!

Just look at it!

….ok, I was just also sort of  showing off. ;d

Though I really am running out of storage space (if I didn’t have a roommate it’d probably be easier to manage but no). I’m thinking of sending some of them back to my home in the province, but I dunno what will happen to it without my supervision o_o’

Hmmm…well, anyways, I have been meaning to write here since after Cosplay Mania 2015 and express my gratitude and love to the community, but I was also preoccupied with new games, crying over thee Love Live movie, and piling homework, and I was at a loss on where to begin. I’m glad I got to write today though.


Next time I post something I’ll make sure it’s not me talking about why I’m not posting again.


While most of us may not be active in sharing the things we see (and confirm as legit news) and have in this blog, I do what I can to share my hobby stuff and other hobby things on the following social media:


Facebook (Like the Panda Pile page! 😀 )

My Instagram: @hiphoppy11 (you can also follow my twitter…optional ;d)


Ok, that’s it for now…I leave you with my picture where I cosplayed Kim Jong Un…again!

Click the pic :P

Click the pic and see my World of Cosplay account 😛



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