side b

two and a half hours past midnight. dropbox upload is taking a while. happy halloween again everyone.


intro. house_of_leaves-POE/haunted.

one. suzanne[featuring:leonard_cohen]-PLAN B/paint it blacker.

two. chainsaw_calligraphy-16BIT/in the death car.

three. climbing_up_the_walls-RADIOHEAD/ok computer.

four. i-SKREAM/midnight request line.

five. electric_candyman[featuring:thom_yorke]-FLYING LOTUS/until the quiet comes.

-intermission- nothing_to_undo-BEARDYMAN/i done a album.

six. an_echo,a_stain-BJORK/vespertine.

seven. spin_spin_sugar-SNEAKER PIMPS/becoming x.

eight. battery_in_your_leg-BLUR/think tank.

nine. lovely_head-GOLDFRAPP/felt mountain.

-transmission- forgive-BURIAL/burial.

ten. make_you_sleep-EMIKA/can’t sleep.

eleven. parenthesis-TRICKY/false idols.

twelve. ventolin-APHEX TWIN/…i care because you do.

13. threads-PORTISHEAD/third.

At the next post, I’ll finally get to anime and album reviews so sit tight and enjoy whatever day it is you read this. Just got back from the cemetery. I’m tired.


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