Zygarde’s New Forms Confirmed And A Strange Looking Greninja


Today, CoroCoro has just released some surprising images and details about the legendary Pokemon, Zygarde. So far, Zygarde is shown to have 3 new forms, excluding the green worm-like form just above Zygarde Cell as it is not an actual form of Zygarde per se, but acts as a brain for all the forms. The exact details of it are still vague. The only thing known so far is its name, Zygarde Core.

The three new forms include a flat form called Zygarde Cell, a second form called the Zygarde 10% Forme which resembles a dog, and a large form called Zygarde Perfect. In this form, it is called the System Pokemon, has a height 4.5m tall and weighs 610kg, and is said to bear powers that exceed both Xerneas and Yveltal.


Along with this, there was an odd Greninja that was also leaked. Unlike most, this Greninja has black horns instead of white and has a red cross on its face. The magazine pointed out that the Greninja looks a bit like Ash’s clothes. The new anime series, Pokemon XY & Z will come with the Mega Evolution Act 4 starting from October 29.



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