Gravity Falls For The 3DS Confirmed

While games based on shows have never usually gotten so good as to become notable, the new game, Gravity Falls: Legend of the Gnome Gemulets, looks to be quite promising. Not only did Ubisoft go so far as to enlist help from Alex Hirsch himself, but the game will be running on the UbiArt engine, which powers the acclaimed games Rayman: Legends, Child of Light, and Valiant Hearts: The Great War.

According to Ubisoft in a press release, “The game delivers Gravity Falls’ trademark quirky humor in an authentic and interactive way, letting fans play as Dipper and Mabel as they set out to solve mysteries and restore order to Gnome Kingdom. Along their journey, players will encounter many more characters from the show and will explore locations including the town of Gravity Falls, the Mystery Shack, and more. Hirsch also designed the game’s original key art.”

Fans of the series will no doubt be clamoring for this, especially when one considers the possibility of clues being hidden within this seemingly childish game.

Gravity Falls is a popular cartoon created by Alex Hirsch and has been made famous for it’s charm, humor, and mystery. The identity of the Author of the Journals had long been theorized to be Stanley (or Stanford) since the first season and is one among many theories and mysteries the show still holds. Clues to future events of the series have not only been scattered throughout each episode, but also in many other places including some of the games on the Disney Website.

And with the trailer blatantly asking, “What will you discover?” who knows what might be inside?

Of course, it might be a stretch and there might not be any clues at all. Regardless, the only way to confirm the truth is to see the game for yourself this fall.


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