July 9-It’s Jello’s birthday (Updates~)

"Blonde Party" made for me by RTorya. Thanks, man~

“Blonde Party”
made for me by RTorya. Thanks, man~

I have been very busy with personal matters (*cough*, friend-related sidequests,*cough*), school(to a degree where I get lazy to do both), video games(the Steam Summer Sales just ended, and I got like 10 games for the price of one! I wanna finish Valkyria Chronicles!) and of course, anime(I have a loooot of catching up to do).

You can always check out my instagram (which can be like previews for my upcoming posts) if you want more from me ;d Anyways…some updates to the page….

I am really really grateful to Amonoff, who updates us with Nintendo-related news whenever she can, and then some (I mean, a new Zero Escape Game is coming out! Did you read that?). E3 just ended, and Mono wrote about the things you’d surely want to see (I WANT FIRE EMBLEM FATES ALREADY! 2016, GET IN HERE!!!)

Also, in case you haven’t read RTorya’s first post which is a beginner’s guide to Gundam Unicorn, check it here~ (I’m gonna watch it because Hiroyuki Sawano made the music ;d)

And 13lueh0ur is in America at the moment, taking a vacation. He left some mellow tunes as well before leaving for a couple of months. He says he’s seen some conventions there, and I can’t wait for him to tell us more about them 😀

Anyways, I’ll post something later…gonna sleep first.


…Oh, God. I’m 22 now.


Ah, look at that.

Ah, look at that.


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