Fire Emblem Returns Marriage And Children With Same-Sex Marriage As An Option


Fire Emblem marriages have been a popular thing, with most gamers putting effort to either pairing their favorite couples together or to create a deadly powerful family that utterly decimate the battlefield. These features will be returning, but with a twist; it might be possible for same-sex marriage to be featured in the game, however, even this will be decided by the game you choose and there’re important details that are still in question.

According to Nintendo: “In the Conquest edition of the game, there is a male character that the game’s player may have his/her male main character marry after they bond in battle. Similarly, the Birthright edition features a female character that a female main character may marry after bonding in battle. Both of the aforementioned characters can be encountered in the third edition of the game.”

While this does satisfy fans who have been asking for such a feature, some questions still remain, such as whether the children will still be accessible in these marriages and if they are, how will their stats still be affected? For some competitive gamers who are more keen on creating powerful armies, we hope that more news on this will be announced soon.

Until then, save up your money for that DLC, folks.


2 thoughts on “Fire Emblem Returns Marriage And Children With Same-Sex Marriage As An Option

  1. To add to your article, you can still have children if you’re gay. The game says that the child is adopted. Anyways…
    YES THIS GAME HAS GAY PAIRINGS! NINTENDO! TAKE MY MONEY! I’m throwing my money at the screen and nothing is happening!


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