The Hearing Aid Playlists: Winter Without You

My cousin after leaving: “How’s the house looking?”

Me: “Oh it’s still a house… just without you in it.”

Shrinking Violet

The music and playlist title pretty much speak for itself. Special thanks to CrypticMind for the blizzard atmosphere.

1. Tsutchie – Thank You (from the OST, “Samurai Champloo Music Record: Playlist”) – 0:00

2. Nomak – The Mind (from the album, “Muziq and Foto”) – 4:19

3. TOKiMONSTA Lovely Soul (from the album, “Midnight Menu”) – 8:57

4. Evil Needle Rhapsodie for Analog OSC (from the album, “Equilibrium”) – 12:32

5. Fat Jon – How You Feel (from the OST, “Samurai Champloo Music Record: Departure”) – 15:34

6. Michita – Merge (from the album, “Ozora”) – 19:23

7. Blue Hour Shrinking Violet (from the album, “Visual Novelty”) – 23:24

8. Moby – Fireworks (from the album, “18”) – 26:38

9. DSK Winter Lane (from the album, “Exhaust Note”) – 28:45

And for those who got this far into my post, a little something from the stuff I wrote during college.


The times we spent together
meant more to us
than anyone could ever imagine

And now we have one more chance
To talk
To laugh
To fight
To cry
To sigh

It was like any other day
but there was something
more to it

We talked a bit more
Laughed a bit more
Fought a bit more
Cried a bit more
And sighed… a bit more

Because we all knew
the past could’ve been
so much more.

the only thing we want
is more time.

How greedy can we get?

See you in 2+ -ish months Philippines…

P.S. I’ll get that album review up soon!


2 thoughts on “The Hearing Aid Playlists: Winter Without You

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