Nendoroids Kotori Minami and Eli Ayase

Ahhh, it’s been a while.

To be honest, I’m just too burnt out from school, and walking around to buy stuff, and…well, let’s just get on with the show!

This is something I was planning on posting waaaaaay back. Better late than never. ;d

Nendoroids Kotori and Eli~

Nendoroids Kotori and Eli~

Kotori Minami is one of the second-years of μ’s. She is one of Honoka’s best friends who supported her in becoming school idols and makes their costumes. Her mother is the chairwoman of their school, Otonokizaka High School. She is voiced by Aya Uchida.

Ayase Eli is the School Council President of Otonokizaka. During the first episodes of the anime, she was cold towards the girls but in the end warmed up to them and decided to join them in saving the school and becoming idols. She is part-Russian and was a great ballet dancer during her younger days. She has a younger sister named Arisa who is a big fan of μ’s. Her catchphrase is “Horosho.” She is voiced by Nanjo Yoshino, known for singing in fripSide.

RTorya and 13lueh0ur likes to make fun of these two characters because of the following:

  • Kotori’s irresistibly cute voice…….annoys them a little.
  • They find Kotori to be…an impossible character…forgot why (I’ll edit this part later)
  • Eli had potential in the first episodes (with the bitch face too!)…then she decided to do a Heel-Face Turn which, they say, affected her potential. [Shots fired.]
  • They have this joke regarding Command and Conquer and the Russians…so 13lueh0ur would speak in a Russian accent “I used to be famous Ballet Dancer” and it was funny xP

….ehem, on to the next segment~


As a relatively new collector of anime toys and figures, I was really late in the LL Nendo pre-ordering thing…so I find myself lucky to have found the first LL Nendos (Nico and Honoka) and here I am now with Kotori and Eli (I’ll feature Rin and Hanayo some other time :3 )

I got Nendoroid Kotori from Onegai Onii-Chan…on-hand…so I had her reserved until I could afford her (along with Beach Queens Maki). I actually paid and got Nendo Kotori first, but I featured Beach Queens Maki first 😛

ToykoPH, coincidentally, had Nendo Eli, so I took the chance!

I got them both during Tamacon.

After that, I caught up with the pre-orders for LL Nendos~ (ok, starting with Hanayo. Rin is another story)


Here are the contents~

Wooh, two nendos in one day!

Wooh, two nendos in one day!

Each comes with their own faceplate, bent leg part and 4 arms as well as a stand and an extra neck connector.

…yeah, LL Nendos come in boxes smaller than the other nendos…I hear it’s to reduce costs since there’s 9 of them and you’d want them all. (I don’t really know if that’s actually true, I just read that in an FB comment somewhere)

Not much else to say here…let’s go~


While these are pretty old pictures, I have taken more but it involves my other later nendos…so wait for those! For now, here they are~

This makes it official.


Nendoroids Kotori and Eli…



That’s it for now, guys. I’ll feature a new one this weekend~


2 thoughts on “Nendoroids Kotori Minami and Eli Ayase

  1. HI! Omg such cute nendoroids!! ❤ you bought from ToykoPH? Currently planning on buying from them as well. What can you say about the quality of the nendoroids? Would you say they're the real deal/legit? They seem like a decent seller so I wouldn't want to doubt them but I still think it's safe I ask you since you're a former customer. Hope you don't mind. Your response/advice would be very much appreciated. Thank you ❤


    • Hello. My apologies for the delay, this blog is quite inactive @_@

      Anyways…their products are definitely legit.

      Although, since they’ve begun having more new customers, the service has become a little slow (I mean, as with the other known shops, the more customers, the slower responses become…please understand)

      ToykoPH is a trustable shop…that much I can guarantee 🙂
      Their prices are as low as they can go, and they can buy back-order requests (just send them the link, I think…like from AmiAmi)….it’ll take at least a week or less if you’re back-ordering, and Pre-orders take a month after release (at the latest).

      It has been a year since their shop has been made, and while I personally have suggestions for their improvement (like hiring helpers *cough*like me*cough*), it’s a shop worth your patronage :3


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