Fire Emblem IF Shows New Characters, Skills and Class Changes

This week’s Famitsu Magazine has release more new information regard the Fire Emblem IF game that will soon be out in Japan on June 25. The news contains new information on many aspects of the game.

This Monday, news on some of the new game mechanics for Fire Emblem IF was released and yesterday, more has been brought forth.

First are the some of the characters that were revealed some time ago. Along with with the faces to some of those names, here is also have some personal information on the characters and some of their inherent skills.


First presenting is ever loyal partner to the MC, the one you can trust no matter what to always support you.  Cyrus is a Cavalier and childhood friend of the MC, which to him comes first and foremost before their status as the Prince/Princes of Hoshido. While he will initially be an ally of Nohr, he’ll will gladly follow the MC no matter what path they choose.


Elfie is Knight of Nohr who serves Princess Elise. For players who love Strength and Power, she may definitely become a favored powerhouse as she is described to have ‘super human strength,’ which is terrifyingly true. Her skill Super Strength allows her to add more pain to any opponent that’s already weaker than her.


Harold is a Fighter who also serves Elise. He calls himself a hero of justice, something that can be predicted from his appearance and confident smile. He seems to have a particularly low luck, however. Described with having bad fortune,the only upside to him is that he can spread his misfortune to his enemies, lowering their Critical Evasion rate with his skill Unlucky Soul.


Hinata is Samurai for Hoshido and serves under Takumi. He comes from a lineage of samurais who served Hoshido for generations. From his description, he’s might be a bit hot-blooded, but a good friend and comrade to have all the same. His skill, Vain Struggle, halves any damage from swords, lances, and arrows once his health has been halved or lower, a helpful skill to keep him alive when he’s at a pinch.


Oboro is another servant of Takumi with a grudge against Nohr, stemming from an incident in her past. Her hate is so great, it culminates with the skill Nohr Hater, which lets her put more damage on Nohr allies specifically. Oboro is infatuated with Takumi, so it’s only natural for her to remain in Hoshido, regardless of the player’s choice.


Rinka is an Oni and fighter from the Fire Clan, a possible allied group of Hoshido as she works under the order of her father, the chieftain, to fight against Nohr and aid Hoshido. From her appearance, expect a powerhouse to fall in love with.


The last is the Spell Caster Tsukuyomi. Where as Rinka hails from the Fire Clan, Tsukuyomi comes from the Wind Clan. With similarities to Ricken from Fire Emblem Awakening, he’s a talented Spell Caster despite his young age, which he doesn’t seem to like being called on.

He possesses the skill Arrogance that allows him to hurt other higher leveled opponents.

With that out of the way, here’s more information that will be vital in playing Fire Emblem IF:

-A new game mechanic called the Parallel Seal will be introduced. It will act similarly to the Second Seal, reclassing a unit at any point as long as the class is in the same tier without resetting their levels.

-The class Samurai is the Hoshido equivalent of the Myrmidon and promotes to True Blade, a class that can use swords, lances, and axes.

For more information about the new characters, skills, and class changes, try checking out Kantopia here on WordPress.


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