Fire Emblem IF’s New Weapon Triangle and New Characters


Fire Emblem fans will be aware that there is a sort of Pokemon-like element triangle used when it comes to the weapons equipped to fight during battles which go as:

Swords > Axes > Lances

Tomes and bows were not included the triangle. However, in the new Fire Emblem IF, an article by Sato on Siliconera confirmed that the new game would be using a different weapon triangle system going as this:

Swords & magic > Axes & bows > Lances & hidden weapons

Bow and wind magic attacks will still be effective against pegasus and wyvern riders. From what is seen, the only change to the weapon triangle is that weapons that were initially not included have been added. Though this might serve to constrain players who enjoyed the neutrality of tomes and bows working against any enemy without a decrease of power or disadvantages, mastery of the new triangle shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

Along with that is a list of characters that will be introduced in the game.

Allies for Hoshido:

  • Saizou: Ninja (CV: Tarusuke Shingaki)
  • Kagerou: Ninja (CV: Rie Murakawa)

Allies for both kingdoms:

  • Felicia: Maid (CV: Nozomi Sasaki)
  • Joker: Butler (CV: Junichi Suwabe)
  • Gunther: Great Butler (CV: Rokuro Naya)
  • Suzukaze: Ninja (CV: Daisuke Ono)

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