Update~ [May 17]



So, I didn’t get to make the gif image from my previous post about the upcoming Love Live movie…but I had my friend, RTorya, do it for me.

Here it is:


It’s like I’m in an infinite loop of infinite bliss. ❤

I have been pretty busy with schoolwork…and the lack of motivation…to write anything new for PP, but I have loads of drafts…in my head…that I can’t wait to finish and share with you all~


For now, I hope Amonoff and her mini-updates have given you all something worth looking at 🙂

Among other people from the Staff Pile, here are some updates about them:

  • RTorya has big things planned. Once he’s done with the draft he’s currently working on, and it’s a BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO (insert Anime here), I will start watching episode 1 of what he’ll feature. 😀
    (If you want an anime for him to feature, just send a message~)
  • 13lueh0ur is thinking up a new mix for your hearing pleasure…also, he cosplayed in the recently concluded O-kun Fiesta…I’ll see if I can ask him to share the pic with you all. ;3
  • Veliya is……I don’t really know, he’s really busy with school and work. But he makes time for his games (“PC MASTER RACE”) and will surely make a post sooner or later. 🙂
  • We got two more yet to make an intro.
  • If you feel like writing for me the blog, just send a message! No, we don’t get paid here.

As for me and what I’m gonna be writing about……just wait, I’m still kinda dazed from this weekend’s roller-coaster of a happening. You can check out my instagram, though. I take pictures of (almost) everything new to me. You’ll surely like what you see~ :3


That’s all for now.





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