Legend of Zeldo: Lonk’s Awakening

original (1)

I know how crazy over Flappy Bird the Pilipino people are back at home. So here’s an interesting Flappy Bird game based of the famous Zelda-series that may entertain or infuriate some Nintendo fans.

This year, in partnership with DeNa, Nintendo will do its best to make its brand a success over iOS. For many people who already know, not only have there been games for Nintendo consoles that made it to the iOS like Ghost Trick and Rhythm Thief, but emulators can be installed into one’s phone to be able to play games for the Gameboy and Nintendo DS.

wpid-photo-mar-16-2013-520-am1 thief

However, there’re also many games, albeit terrible, based on some of Nintendo’s popular franchises. This is one of them. With a small change to the name, you will be playing as Lonk to survive dungeons in the ever popular Flappy Bird-style gameplay, tapping the screen to boost flight as you try to fly through gaps because a touch of anything is fatal.

original (2)

The Legend of Zeldo: Lonk’s Awakening is available on the iOS for free and will be coming to the Android.


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