Xenoblade Chronicles X Video Showcase Content

The showcase today on Nintendo Direct reveals a preview to almost every aspect of the upcoming game, Xenoblade Chronicles X. One aspect that was not covered was the speculated May 31 release date so at this time, it is still not official.

The video did, however, make it a point to show off as much as it could about what to expect from the game and content is just out of this world. The beautiful graphics aside, the goal of Xenoblade Chronicles X will be to survive on a planet called Mira, the new home of the now struggling human race that is currently at risk of extinction after the planet Earth was caught in a war between two alien races. There, the players can explore and hunt aliens as they accomplish quests and save other survivors as you live with other humans and friendly aliens fend off the violent Prone race, who for some reason are determined to destroy the human race. There’re many gadgets to use, content to play, and Skells, transformable mechs that I’m sure many people will enjoy controlling. The Skells will be recognized by some players from the Japanese title ‘Dolls.’

For those who’ve missed the video, you can watch it here in the video above.


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