The Hearing Aid Playlists: The Mad Scientist

I just thought of this idea to spice up my everyday bus ride to work as well as to keep myself busy during the times when I have nothing to do in the lab. It started with “Hey, this track could segue perfectly into this track,” until a small ‘ear movie’ of sorts started to take shape.

The rules are simple: I won’t use the same artist more than once. I’ll stick to a theme. And I’ll make it seamless.

Welcome to the Hearing Aid! Enjoy your stay.


For my first post, I’ve prepared a sinister selection of tunes predominantly electronic with traces of hip-hop, drum & bass, and trip-hop.

1. FREELANDMind Killer (from the album, “Now and Them”) – 0:00

Dr. Frankenstein’s most played track (if he lived until the early 2000’s). The main synthesizer melody and the growling bassline is quintessential for every classic mad scientist’s musical backdrop.

2. Aphex TwinVordhosbn (from the album, “drukQs”) – 3:22

Not to be mistaken with Bored Husband, though it would make an interesting interpretation of the track. Those psychotic breakcore drum patterns and synthesizers playing classical melodies just scream ‘descent into madness.’

3. DeltronVirus (from the album, “Deltron 3030”) – 7:47

The hacker’s creed. We have masterful sampling by Kid Koala and killer delivery by none other than Del the Funky Homosapien; better known as the rapper in the hit song, “Clint Eastwood,” by Gorillaz.

4. S.P.Y. Riding the Void (from the album, “Back to Basics: Chapter One”) – 12:04

“That’s the sound of his life floating out.” The solid cymbal rides and space-vacuum bass combo is relentless.  I wouldn’t be surprised bumping into this track in Dead Space.

5. BjorkArmy of Me (from the album, “Post”) – 17:58

An assembly line-themed march of apocalyptic drums and bass which stands out as one of Bjork’s more commercial tracks. In fact, a rock version of the track with Skunk Anansie was featured in the movie, “Sucker Punch.”

6. Blue Stahli Premeditated (from the album, “Antisleep Vol. 1”) – 21:46

A more refined, epic, and blockbuster-esque take for the tactical evildoer. If the track sounds oddly familiar, Bret Autrey’s (a.k.a. Blue Stahli) work has been featured in a number of movie trailers, shows, and games.

7. Evil Needle – Heaven in Hell (from the album, “Reminisce”) – 24:06

Besides having ‘evil’ in his alias, Evil Needle’s heavenly synthetic soundscapes morph a stereotypical antagonistic chord progression into a classy villain’s work of art.

8. Sneaker PimpsPerfect One (from the single, “Ten to Twenty”) – 27:51

The eerie monotone bassline and 3/4 heavy beats combined with Chris Corner’s dreary vocals and minimal sampling is absolutely hypnotic. Goes to show that you don’t need flashy sounds and quality production to sound as ominous as the rest of them.

That’s it for the first post. Laters!


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