Sissel for Smash

On April 1st, a live Nintendo Direct broadcast announced many great things for the upcoming year. One announcement that caught the eyes of many Nintendo fans was the Super Smash Bros ballot. For the first time, we the players are allowed to give a voice for whichever character that we feel deserve to be among the greatest of the great of Nintendo character but never went on.

This is without a doubt a great opportunity for us players, but there is another advantage this as well; publicity. With so many amazing characters in Nintendo, like Professor Layton, Zero, and Groose, it is inevitable that there will be some amazing characters that will never make it to the spotlight.

And so I’ve decided to use this first post to bring to attention one of the greatest characters of the Nintendo DS who I believe should be in Smash Bros! This guy!


Hahaha! Just kidding, I meant this little cutie.


Do not be fooled by its cute appearance. I kid you not when I say that this cat, Sissel, is not only a very important character of the Nintendo world, its game winning the awards for the Best Nintendo DS Game, but is also one of the many loving creation Shu Takumi. Yes, the same Shu Takumi that made Phoenix Wright! And like him, Sissel is more than meets the eye and can definitely stand on his own the Super Smash Bros arena, especially considering that it is PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO HURT SISSEL. Why? Sit down and read up.

About Sissel:

Sissel is the main character of the unique puzzle-adventure game, ‘Ghost Trick.’ As the game suggests, he is a ghost who initially possesses the ability to possess and manipulate objects to certain extent, move into a world called the ghost world, a place where time stops for the living and ghosts can move around, and the ability to turn back time 4 minutes before a person’s death. These powers, however, are the result of radiation from a meteorite called the ‘Temsik meteorite.’ Its radiation alone can give those die close to it powers called ghost trick, which varies between ghosts.


By the end of the game, Sissel dies as a result of having a fragment of same meteorite being embedded into his body. With the meteorite being INSIDE him rather than him just dying close to it, Sissel not only regained the same powers I’ve already mentioned, but also immortality and invulnerability. He will never age and his body will continuously regenerate from injuries thanks to the Temsik’s powers.

Now why wouldn’t you want him in Smash Bros?! Actually, a lot of people have a number of reasons.

Smash Bros. Sissel:

Okay, not going to lie. There’re actually many problems with Sissel that prevents him from being in Smash for many people. One of the biggest is that not many people even know who Sissel is. Ghost Trick itself never became a popular game despite its many positive reviews and awards because it was released at the same year the 3DS was first announced and was completely overshadowed by it. Naturally, no one will vote for a character they haven’t even heard of.


Another issue with Sissel is that is his powers are very restricted. He can posses objects, but only if they’re within an arm length of his reach and even then, he can only do so much, meaning that he can’t move around or even do a lot. This is, of course, assuming that his powers will still be the same as it was on the first day he got them; which was his powers throughout the Ghost Trick game. And this is impossible.

I think most people who’ve played the game forget this; in the same time Yomiel, an antagonist in Ghost Trick, possessed the Temsik meteorite inside of him like Sissel, his powers didn’t stagnate. It grew and changed over time. From initially only being able to manipulate small objects and animals, he became able to manipulate objects to the extent that he could create a makeshift physical body from different objects lying around, his manipulation over living creatures strengthened to the point that he became able to force people to do whatever he wished with little effort, and his movements grew less restricted and freer.


While Sissel might not possess all of these abilities, it’s highly possible to definite that by the credits of the game, Sissel is actually more powerful than from when he first received his powers (which was the entire game) and his powers are not just limited to what was available during his gameplay anymore. And if he gained the power to manipulate living things, this would solve the other main issue with Sissel; his size, since he is permanently a kitten. (Yes, the black thing in the little girl’s arms.)


Personally though, I don’t think it’s too much of a problem. Just because Sissel is a cat doesn’t mean that he has to fight as a cat. We need to remember that anything goes in Smash Bros, like the logic of Zelda and Shiek being playable as different people. The game itself isn’t even canon to any of the characters’ universes. So if Sissel were to use Yomiel’s body in Super Smash Bros, not many players would question it, especially since it is Sissel’s most well known form.


But for those who do want Sissel as a cat and think it’s a problem, well, calm down because it’s still not a big issue. For one thing being the possibility of Sissel gaining the ability to manipulate living things (as I’ve already mentioned before) and the other being that Sissel’s handicap can be neutralized a bit if he fights with some support. Teams that can be played like single entity like Duckhunt and Rosalina have already been introduced, so there’s no reason for Sissel to not have a team either to help him out. Strong characters like Lynne and Jowd, and the support character, Missile can easily join in on Sissel’s fight and easily level the playing a field for him in comical ways. Of course, his size and weight will still be annoying at times, but hey, each character in Super Smash has their own faults and issues. It’s only natural for Sissel to have some too.


So again, what’s wrong with Sissel joining Smash? The answer is that there isn’t any.

The whole point of the ballot is the chance for any Nintendo character, no matter who they are, to have the once in lifetime opportunity to finally come and join the big boys. It’s a good opportunity for players to have their dream come true of playing their favorite character in a completely new surrounding as it is to bring notice to wonderful but unknown and unpopular characters.


Admit it, almost no one had even heard of Little Mac before he was released for the game and if Nintendo could find a way for a duck, a dog, and hunter to be able to participate all at once in a fighting game, a ghost shouldn’t pose any problems.

I fully believe that Sissel would be an amazing addition as a DLC to play for Smash if he could just be given the chance to. Plus, to see him on the arena duking it out with Phoenix Wright and Professor Layton is the equivalent for Nintendo DS fans of a no-holds-bar rematch between Zero and Megaman for the fans of the Megaman series.

In short, it would be one of the most epic fights in Smash Bros history.



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