Mario Kart 8 Animal Crossing DLC Pack 2

To all Mario Kart 8 owners, don’t forget that in 2 days time on April 23, the Animal Crossing DLC pack will be coming out.


The pack will contain:

-3 new characters: Villager (Boy and Girl), Isabelle, and Dry Bowser

-2 new cups, totaling to 8 Tracks: Crossing Cup, Cheese Land, Wild Woods, Animal Crossing, Bell Cup, Ribbon Road, Super Bell Subway, and Bug Blue.

-4 new vehicles. 2 bikes, City Tripper and Bone Rattler, and 2 new karts, Streetle and P-Wing,

The pack will cost $7.99, but for those who still haven’t purchased the first DLC Zelda pack, they are now being sold together for $11.99 as a bundle as a bonus for purchasing both packs, the players will receive 8 new colour schemes for Yoshi and Shy Guy.


You can check the trailers for more details about the tracks and vehicles for both DLC packs at Mario Kart 8’s page in the Nintendo site.


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