HAPPY BIRTHDAY! The Maki Shrine Special

April 19. It’s Maki’s birthday!

I don’t really know how to start this…so, here’s a little story of how Maki became mai waifu.

I was reading LL douji– Ehem.

Pretty much a year ago, I went through some things which left me down. And for some reason, to cheer myself up, I watched an anime genre that I wasn’t really used to at the time…Idols.

So, Love Live was the first idol anime I’ve ever seen (well, there are idols in other anime, but this is my first anime that focuses on idols).

While the first season got me wondering “Why am I watching this?” and  “Why did I stay up late just to finish this?” I realized a few moments later that I just fell in love with the franchise.

It was after the second season that my feelings for the franchise rose. Not only did it improve after the first season, it also put me in tears, which was a first time in a long time. The girls from μ’s just has a bind on my heart that I believe won’t ever be unbound.

Now, what does this have to do with Maki, aside from the fact that she’s part of μ’s?

Doujin –

I don’t know. Among the 9 girls, she just stands out the most to me.

She’s a redhead tsunder–

I look into her eyes and I see a gaze filled with love. How she blushes and gets all flustered is really adorable, and she’s a rich, talented honor student. Besides, she’s sexy and cute, a deadly combination that has killed me so many times only to be revived by her charms.

Also, I bought a dakimakura cover of her during a convention.

While I always get a good night's sleep thanks to my Makimakura...I also seem to stay late at night.

While I always get a good night’s sleep thanks to my Makimakura…I also seem to stay late at night.

….ok, enough cheesiness. You all may have seen on my instagram feed already, but I’ll put pictures here of what I’ve done to celebrate Waifu Maki’s birthday.

I made a collage.

I made a collage.

I know there are a bunch of others who have done a better job…like someone I know made a computer wallpaper, and then there are countless twitter pictures (also Facebook) showing their devotion, but I won’t be too jealous and instead I’ll be proud of what I made…also, this is all I can do at the moment.

So, I printed 100 wallet-size pictures of Maki, with screenshots from various anime scenes as well as various Pixiv fanart (I would credit them, but they’re a lot and I can’t type Japanese)…I have over a thousand pictures, but I figured I wouldn’t be able to handle that many (and some aren’t…collage-able to me). I then bought a few materials, like metal rings to hang in the wall hanger. I was gonna use strings, but this looked cooler.

I then bought a foam board and a red cartolina paper, the color red being Maki’s color and all.

I got a papercut during the part where I was taping the red cartolina to the foam board. x.x

I got a papercut during the part where I was taping the red cartolina to the foam board. x.x

After that, I used double-sided tape to stick the pictures on the board.

It's like a puzzle! :D

It’s like a puzzle! 😀

So, let’s fast forward a bit…here’s what became of everything now~

It's beautiful. :')

It’s beautiful. :’)

I never actually planned to have a shrine. But it started with a nendoroid petit set, and everything else started getting bought…Love Live! is one of few franchises that got me spending on their merchandise.

That, and there’s the mobile game.

I have two accounts in the EN server…only because my first one is on the iPad while the other one is on my Android phone. Occasionally, there are events where you gain a SR(Super Rare) card of a μ’s member and if you make it up the global rankings, you can get an extra of that same card, useful for upgrades (or “idolizing”).

My first account has made it to the top on most of the Maki-related game events, while my second has made it through one(it was a weak account during the first two other Maki events)…here’s the lineup of my Maki collection in each SIF account.

I spent many sleepless nights just to get to the top of each event. SIF is no simple game.

Anyways…here is a gallery of things I got for the Maki Shrine so far…while I can’t mention most of the stores I bought these from, I’d like to give a special mention to my favorite booths in the conventions I go to…Doujin Shirts, Micari’s Anime Shoppe, Tomodachi shirts and Onegai Onii-Chan. ToykoPH is a relatively new shop and has yet to have a booth in conventions, but they also get a mention. My Maki Shrine would not have been this big if not for them.

I don’t know if my devotion is too little or too much, but I know that ever since Maki became mai waifu, I feel like a changed man who embraced  my anime hobbies and it’s made me happier than I have ever been. Thank you, mai waifu. Here’s to more birthdays for us to celebrate~<3

I have no idea how to end this, so…here’s a picture of me and Maki~

I love mai waifu~ <3

I love mai waifu~ ❤




P.S. Good Smile Company has announced her Nendoroid!





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