Streetpass Update Reminder

Today is April 17 in Canada. It’s been one day since the release of the new StreetPass games and updates so don’t forget to check it out, 3DS owners!

In the new update, you will be given complimentary speech bubbles, allowing you to change your speech bubble’s theme. You can also purchase more upgrades for the Mii Plaza for only $4.99.


Along with that are the two new games Ultimate Angler and Battleground Z. You can purchase both separately for $4.99 or the limited special Thank-You Bundle where both games cost $6.99 together, only available to those who’ve purchased the previous bundle for Mii Force, Flower Town, Warriors Way, and Monster Manor! Later on, the bundle will cost $7.99, so buy it now while it’s low!


Just to recap, Ultimate Angler is a fishing game where the simple goal is to catch all the species of fishes in the StreePass Islands. If you’re lucky, you’ll eventually be able to hook legendary monsters. The Mii’s you pass by will help you catch the fishes & monsters.


In Battleground Z, a FPS zombie-apocalypse, you must save the world from a zombie outbreak. You will be guided Dr. Scarlet and help the Mii’s you get via StreetPass. These Mii’s will supply you with weapons you can use the zombies, somewhat similar to Monster Manor.

For those out there with money on their account, I suggest you buy it now. From what we’ve seen on the Nintendo Direct, they’re both definitely worth the money.


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