SEGA and Wave: Pre-Birthday Maki Special!

Hello, readers~

Kinda rushing things here, so just a few words.

Earlier, you may have seen Amonoff’s posts. Expect more people coming to post other things! 😀

Anyways, tomorrow is mai waifu’s birthday! So I figured I do something special dedicated to her.

Now…since I’m pretty busy with tomorrow’s preparations, here’s something quick!

Yesterday, I got new figures from Onegai Onii-Chan…here they are~


YEAH~ New Maki figures~ ❤

On the left is the SEGA premium prize figure of Maki in her Sore Wa Bokutachi no Kiseki attire, while the one on the right is Wave Corporation’s Beach Queen Maki.

SEGA is famous for its video games and its mascot Sonic the Hedgehog. I’ve just found out they also make prize figures. This is, I believe the second premium prize figure of Maki they made, the first being in their No Brand Girls attire.

I don’t know much about Wave Corporation, but I am aware of their Beach Queens product line which has various anime characters in their beach attire.

Let’s unbox~


Replacing her hair part was a hassle at first @_@

Replacing her hair part was a hassle at first @_@

The Beach Queens Maki figure has a replaceable hair part where you can opt to have her wear shades or not.

The packaging...this is it?

The packaging…this is it?

Like most prize figures, this one comes with the figure and the stand.

Let's get you out of that...

Let’s get you out of that…

I’m quite surprised with this…SEGA wasn’t kidding when they called this a premium figure. It’s really big.




Now to dump in some pictures I took~

SEGA and Beach Queens Maki…WELCOME TO THE PILE! ;D


Alright…gonna post something else in…..probably 10 or 14 hours.


Laterssss~ ;d


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