Pokemon Rumble World! Reminder

On April 8, Pokemon Rumble World was released at the Nintendo EShop as game. I downloaded it and played the game on my new 3DS XL and it’s a blast!



As stated in the Nintendo Direct Broadcast, you the player will control Pokemon to face off other Pokemon like in the Mystery Dungeon and the Pokemon Rumble series and your goal is to catch all 715 Pokemon in the game. As hard enough as that sounds, it gets harder when specific Pokemon are only available on specific islands only accessible by air balloons.


These air balloons can only be purchased using PokeDiamonds, which can either be earned in small limited amounts in the game by doing Challenge Battles or by using the StreetPass or the internet to invite other players. If you’re truly desperate, you can purchase more in the Nintendo EShop. Of course, you will be using real money.

When you begin of the game, a Mii of your choice will be summoned by the king with the task to collect 11 Pokemon so he can gloat about it to a Magician who bragged about having 10.


From there, you will go on to help your Mii collect Pokemon. Boring as it is, the gameplay itself makes up for it. Putting in the fun of RPG as a Pokemon is nothing less than a sheer thrill of power of blasting other Pokemon with whatever your move you know.


Unfortunately, you cannot decide the moveset of the Pokemon you’re using. The moveset of the Pokemon cannot be changed as well. The only way to access new moves is to capture a Pokemon with a different moveset.


There is no leveling system in the game for Pokemon. Instead, it is replaced with ranking for the Mii called ‘Adventure Rank.’ Your rank will go up as you capture more Pokemon.


The higher your rank, the stronger the wild Pokemon you encounter become, the more Pokemon you can capture, and more islands will become accessible.


Pokemon Rumble is a fun game to play every so often and isn’t so addicting that you will find yourself playing hours and hours over it, making it great for relaxing. I suggest downloading it from the EShop, especially since it’s for free, making it all the better.

Also, one last tidbit of info before ending this. Right now, Pokemon Rumble World is giving away the passwords for Pancham, Smeargle, Klefki, and Doubleblade on their official site.



Just visit their official site pokemonrumble.com and go to the Pokemon Rumble World News. Be sure to check it often for news, updates, and announcements. You never know what might come up.


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