Nendoroid Akari Akaza


Panda Pile hajimaru yo~♪

Hai! Panda Pile hajimaru yo~♪

It’s been a while, guys. Holidays (and the crappy wi-fi at home) plus school work (and the recently started Spring season of this year’s anime) kept me busy from my blog. Here’s something I should have posted a couple of weeks ago.

Today I’d like to show off a pre-owned nendoroid, and this time it’s Akari Akaza from the Yuru Yuri series!

Yuru Yuri is a manga series created by Namori. Basically, it features the comedic daily lives of middle school girls. There are four main characters who are part of the Amusement club, where they do nothing and just hang around in the disbanded Tea ceremony club’s club room. There are scenes involving girl-on-girl romance (but it’s not hardcore or anything) and the characters are really cute!

So far, there have been two seasons of the anime adaptaion of the series as well as an OVA. There’s been an announcement of a third season!

(Trivia, Suzuko Mimori and Aya Uchida, who voiced Love Live’s Umi and Kotori respectively, have also worked on the Yuru Yuri anime, with Mimorin voicing Himawari and Ucchi voicing the little sister, Kaede)

Akari Akaza is supposedly the main protagonist of the four (Yui, Chinatsu and Kyoko are the other three) but throughout the series, it’s become a gag that she lacks enough presence and is outshone by the rest of the characters. Her lack of presence is taken to higher levels of comedic effects when she goes to “Akariiin” mode, where she becomes a transparent ghost.

The nendoroid comes with the "Akariiin" stand so you can pretend she's invisible during playtime~

The nendoroid comes with the “Akariiin” stand so you can pretend she’s invisible during playtime~

Anyways, I claim Akarin as one of my daughters to mai waifu Maki! She’s just too cute. Plus, we share the ability of being invisible despite being the supposed main character. (Just…let me have this moment.)

Anyways, let’s move on to the next segment~


Someone in Anizone was selling this along with another nendoroid. I saw Akarin and I just had to have her (since she’s one of my daughters with waifu Maki. Stop glaring. <_< ).

I find buying pre-owned figures practical at times because of their lower-than-regular prices. So, I thank Marnyaw for getting the time to meet up and sell this to me despite her thesis (I hope she’s already finished with it by the time this blog post happens)…follow her on Instagram/Twitter: @maruchan030

Marnyaw…becomes Maruchan when in Photography mode, and Maru when cosplaying. Here’s some pictures she took of Akarin when we were talking negotiations:

And since I forgot to take a picture of the box, here’s her picture of it:

Blame Facebook's image quality.

Blame Facebook’s image quality.

The contents include two hair effects for the Bun Bazooka, an extra hair bun for when Akarin is lying down on the nendo stand, a hand, a pair of arms, and  a leg. I’ve already mentioned the “Akariiin” stand and there’s also the background of the Amusement club for pictures:

For more pictures~

For more pictures~

When I finally got the time to play with nendo Akarin…I felt something a bit wrong. Maybe it’s just me, but she felt a bit dirty. So, I will show you all my first attempt at washing my toys~


So, I’ve asked the mother of Nendo Farm, ms. Dan Uy, about washing nendos before when we met up for the first time. She said to use dishwashing liquid and to not worry about the paint coming off because that takes a stronger chemical (…or something).

So, I filled up a container with warm water and put in some dishwashing liquid.

...nevermind the product placement.

…nevermind the product placement.

Filling it up...

Filling it up…

Bath time, Akarin~ :D

Bath time, Akarin~ 😀

After that, I put all of the washed parts on a towel. I used cotton buds to dry some unreachable places.

Make sure to dry up everything.

Make sure to dry up everything.


I forgot to mention that this nendo Akari came with an extra stand, which was to commemorate the 300th nendoroid’s release.

There are three kinds, the classroom floor, grass, and road. It’s random to acquire them and this Akari got the grass stand.

Akari in front of her mother Maki's Shrine~ <3

Akari in front of her mother Maki’s Shrine~ ❤

Anyways, here’s some pictures I took before.

Nendoroid Akari Akaza, WELCOME TO THE PILE~ ;D


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