The Shrine: FuRyu Chobirume Maki Nishikino Prize Figure and Love Live Victory Flag


This would have made a better sneak peek on my last post 😛

Hello and WELCOME TO THE PILE! (This is gonna be my blog’s catchphrase from now on ;D ) This time, I will feature two new things I just acquired.


Something small and something big.

First is the Love Live Victory Flag, which is something that I’ve been waiting a month for and it finally arrived, and the next one is another prize figure of mai waifu, Maki. ❤

I don’t know what Chobirume means, but it seems to be FuRyu’s production line of chibi versions of anime characters. I’ve already mentioned FuRyu and mai waifu, Maki (and Love Live, especially) in previous posts so I won’t go into detail on them. Instead, let’s focus on Bandai, the company that produced the flag.

Bandai Company, Ltd. is known in Japan for making video games and toys. I have known about them from many Power Rangers action figures I used to play with when I was a kid, and they’re also responsible for many plastic models for the Gundam franchise, and even Digimon had games and toys made by the company.

With that in mind, I’m actually surprised they also sell merchandise like flags. Then again, I’m relatively new to the hobby world of anime/videogame merchandise. Let’s proceed to the next segment…


The prize figure of Maki is a special order from ToykoPH, I met up with Mr. Miku and I got this little thing, as well as the flag, which is a special order also from ToykoPH, but from Mr. Mykol.

It was thanks to Mr. Mykol that I got introduced to the website of AmiAmi, and that flag was my first ever order from the site. He referred me to Mr. Miku later on because orders from him arrive faster (and he’s right). I don’t know who else works in ToykoPH, but these two are active members of Anizone so you can holler at them if you want some help, among others.


This is the box the flag came in.

This is the box the flag came in.

I’m quite OC when it comes to unboxing…I mean, normally, I would just rip off the box and get the thing, but for collection purposes as well as for this blog, I try to keep the damage to a minimum.

Here's the flag,out of the box.

Here’s the flag, out of the box.

Next is the prize figure…

Here she is, out of the box.

So, Mr. Miku thinks this is a rare one. Well, mai waifu is one of a kind. ;d

She comes with the platform (her feet have holes to put them in), and whatever that stick thingy is called.

Here's some instructions on what to do with the stick thingy.

Here’s some instructions on what to do with the stick thingy. Nevermind that Maki’s pantsu can almost be seen down there.

There’s really not much to say, so let’s proceed to playtime~ Playtime I was taking pictures of the unboxing while I was in the middle of cleaning up the place where I display my collection, so…in a sense, I multitasked. I bought a couple of plastic stick-to-the-wall-able hooks for the flag to hang on to, and added my latest Maki figure to the Maki Shrine. Without much to do with, I give you this single picture of how it all turned out:

This is currently what everything looks like now.  I love it.

This is currently what everything looks like now. I love it.

That’s it for now. Later~ ;D   Here’s a sneak peek of the next post~

Can anyone see it? Haha.

Can anyone see it? Haha.


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