THE SHRINE: Maki Nishikino Mogyutto “Love” de Sekkinchu ver. (Prize Figure) by FuRyu

A day after Valentines, just a week ago, I was late for a meetup with one of the duo behind Onegai Onii-Chan, an online hobby shop.

Thankfully, I got what I met up with him for. I got home with this little beauty in my arms.

Valentines got extended for me.

Valentines got extended for me.

As you all would know, Maki is mai waifu.
She is the ever lovable red-headed tsundere of μ’s. I am one of the many guys out there who’s fallen for this majestic princess. (There’s even a…err, religious cult?…dedicated to her in Reddit)

This figure features her in her costume in the song Mogyutto “Love” de Sekkinchu, which I mentioned was the Valentines anthem of Love-Live-rs out there. (I actually wonder…why dress up as maids in a music video about giving chocolates to your valentine?)

This is one of many in my collection that I hope to expand over time.
I introduce to you a sub-segment of my collection showcase—THE SHRINE! Where Maki is the main character ❤
As a member of the Philippines’ Idol Worship Club, it’s something I gotta do.

Now, let’s move on with the showcasing~

A little fact about prize figures.
You know those crane games in arcades where you try and fail in obtaining the stuffed toys inside? That’s exactly where this prize figure came from! (Why can’t the Philippines have one of those machines here? T__T)
Apparently, in Japan, according to someone I know, there are pros in the crane game who can get the prize on the first try! Then they are sold off just like that. (I also believe you can just order one from official online shops.)

This is one of many prize figures under the FuRyu company line.
FuRyu is a company that not only makes figures, but also developed some games in Japan. Some of those games include Unchained Blades, a 3DS Dungeon-Crawler, and To Love-Ru on the PS Vita. Plus, they have mobile games and photo booths.

FuRyu's logo :)

FuRyu’s logo 🙂

Anyways, time for the next section~


I ordered this figure in Onegai Onii-Chan’s online store, as mentioned a while back. They’re one of my trusted stores. I suggest checking them out if you live in the Philippines (they only ship within the country, sorry international fans).

Once the item arrives, they schedule meetups. Don’t ever be late for meetups.

Go check them out on FB.


I was so excited with this that I was removing the tape on the way home. That tape was really sticky and left a sticky mark…it may have been on a long time.

She was released alongside a Nico version. But Nico ain’t the main heroine of my shrine, so I didn’t get that.


Anyways, here are the contents: the figure and the platform so it can stand.


The platform.

The platform.

Yup, she can't stand without the platform. You gotta attach them together.

Yup, she can’t stand without the platform. You gotta attach them together.

This is actually pretty light. Then again, this is my first prize figure.

Let’s take some pictures~ ❤


This Maki can’t be adjusted. This pose is permanently like that. Not that I’m complaining.

I...should move her elsewhere.

I…should move her elsewhere.

You can have a lot of fun taking pictures with her and the rest of your collection~

She's beautiful. :')

She’s beautiful. :’)

And the rest of the gallery…click for a bigger picture:

I don’t know much about prize figures, but I look forward to getting more of these in the future! Look forward to it, guys! Soon, my shrine will be big!

Well, that’s all for now. Until the next post~ >_o



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