Nendoroid Nico Yazawa by Good Smile Company

Hello, everyone~

Happy Chinese New Year!



Today, I would like to show off my collection~

Because this isn’t gonna be much of a hobby blog if I don’t blog about my hobbies. ;d

Not as big as most people out there, but it’s growing~

Not as big as most people out there, but it’s growing~

Anyways, in this segment, I’d like to show you specific hauls from my collection, give some info about it, show pictures and hope you enjoy it. (keep in mind, I don’t have a DSLR camera.)

Let’s start with this one~


My first Nendoroid~

A brief introduction on Nendoroids.

Nendoroids, or Nendos for short, are figures of characters in their chibi form.

These nendos are made by Good Smile Company, a Japanese manufacturer known for their figma and nendoroid items. To see more GSC stuff, check out Kahotan’s Blog.

There is also another kind of nendo called Nendoroid Petit, but that’s for another post.

Nico Yazawa is one of the members of μ’s, in case you didn’t know. I want to collect all the nendoroids of the μ’s members (especially Maki’s)…and with Nico, I have started on something.

Now let’s take you to the part where I tell you how I got it~


So, Nendo Nico’s actually the latest in my collection, and she’s pre-owned.

What? Nothing wrong with buying stuff bought by someone else. Also, this guy is a trusted man. Y’see, he prefers to collect Hatsune Miku stuff, so he’s ok with selling Nico to me…plus, he only opened the box once for some pictorials.

I give my thanks to Mr. Miku (yeah, people call him that because of his collection) for giving me the opportunity to have this nendoroid. (He’s part of Toyko PH, a collectibles store, go check that out~)

Now that I got the item, it’s time to open the box~



Yeah, can’t take a better picture than this. @_@

Despite this being pre-owned, Mr. Miku definitely took care of this item. It’s been recently bought but it’s like it’s just new when I got it. You can see in the front of the box the Sunrise sticker authenticating the product.


So, Mr. Miku advised me that, authenticity sticker aside, these nendo products have to come with the instruction manual. If the box comes with this, chances are it’s legit~

Nico comes with two other pairs of arms and another left leg for various poses, as well as another face plate. And then there’s the stand and an extra neck joint in case you accidentally break the one on Nico right now.


I’m just wondering…why just the one leg…? ._.


Ok, with that done, we can now play~


The fun thing about nendoroids is that you can mix and match faceplates, heads and bodies of various nendoroids. As I only have Nico in my nendo collection, I have yet to do just that. But I do have a lot of nendo petites, I’ll probably try mixing and matching their parts in a later post.


Nendoroids are cute, and this nendo Nico is definitely cute. Get a nendo now~ ;d


I want more nendoroids in my collection~ ❤

Here are some pictures of me having fun with Nico and the rest of my collection~

That’s it for now.

Kung Hei Fat Choi!
Now, if you’ll excuse me…I have a war to fight in.


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