Love Live! The School Idol Movie Teaser Trailer (OMG YAY~)

Before I even think about starting on this blog, I want to fanboy a bit! (Also, so you’ll know what you’re gonna get yourself into in my future posts)

The girls of μ’s (I googled this image)

The girls of μ’s (I googled this image)


Love Live! School Idol Project is for some reason one of my most beloved anime franchises, and let me tell you, the second season of the anime series put me to tears. I was surprised at the end of the last episode too, because a movie was announced! And here we are now months later with a 30-second teaser for it!

Love Live! features 9 girls that make up the school idol group μ’s (pronounced Muse), which at first formed together to save their all-girls school, Otonokizaka High School, from shutting down due to low enrollment issues by getting famous with their live shows. (Season 1 in a nutshell.)

Eventually, with the school safe from shutting down thanks to them, μ’s decides to participate a second time with the intention of winning in a competition of school idols, which is called Love Live! (That’s sort of the gist of season 2…watch it, guys~)

The upcoming movie picks up where season 2 left off, where the girls receive an email…and GAHHH-I wanna know what happens next already!!! [For more info about the movie, click here]

I would like to be a bit more in depth on that, but maybe in another post.

Here's a little something from my instagram ;3

Here’s a little something from my instagram ;3


Anyways, just recently, during the 5th anniversary concert featuring the 9 voice actresses (seiyuu) of the 9 girls (yes, the seiyuus perform a live show almost as though they were the characters themselves, it’s kinda cool!), a teaser was just released on Youtube! The movie is set to show in Japanese theaters June 13, 2015!

Here’s the teaser video:

As a big fan, I kinda teared up a little when I heard the song, and look at those costumes! I want to hear the whole song already! I want to see the movie already! I want to know what happens next in their story! I want to see more of Mak–I mean…I want to see more of μ’s!


Maybe I’ll talk more about Love Live! in future posts…but for now, let me just squee as I re-watch the teaser until I die~

[Don’t worry, guys…I won’t be too fanboy-y in (most of) my future posts.]

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