Well…it’s a start.



…..I have no idea how to start this.

Ehem, heyah~
You may have been taken to here because of my other blog, or you really just happened to make it here. Either way, thank you for dropping by.

In case you don’t know yet, I’m Jello.
I love playing video games and watching anime.
In this blog, I plan on writing stuff about video games, anime, and every other thing related to the two…like artists, music, maybe even issues…ooh, and events…you get the gist of it…I hope.

Ok, that’s it for the intro.
To end this post…a picture~



See you in the next one! >_o


4 thoughts on “Well…it’s a start.

  1. Hopefully you plan on being a regular blogger, I’m only posting this because I know first starting out it’s pretty hard to be. However, a good place to start gaining followers is the blogging 101 ‘class’ thing.

    Because, once you have a few followers, it’s easier to stay motivated. plus I hear you make friends and get all kinds of ideas on how to make your blog stand out.

    I’m signing up for February
    Although I see you have had another blog, which I didn’t look at, so maybe you don’t need this. I still recommend this course though… it’s probably good for your soul or somethng (Okay, probably not, but still)


    • Heyah, I appreciate you reaching out to me. 🙂

      I’ve tried to keep a habit of blogging, yet fail and end up taking long breaks…and now I’m starting to get up and type what I want again.

      Err, I suggest not looking at the other blog…it’s angst-y. ;d

      I’m not sure if I still have the time to take that blogging course, though, since I already have my hands full with school and…some hobbies. But thanks for showing me this, maybe next year or something, I’ll do it……err, this is an online course right? o_o’

      Ehem, anyways, I hope to post a lot more in the future~ 🙂


      • Well, actually it’s not a real “Class” but more of a something to give your blog a good kick start. (They don’t grade you or anything lol) You get to hang out in a chatroom full of other bloggers who give you advice, and give you advice, and I have no life so that’s why I’m so excited about this…


      • Ohh…I think it’s already started…I hope you have fun 🙂

        It’s alright…we all start to have lives somewhere along the way…err, well, this blog is a sort of attempt for me. (hope that made sense)


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